Revisions of the e/Forms - Financial Online Software
Revision Date Changed Changes Made
2012.1.1 November 19, 2012 Added a e/Forms Utility program so no longer need to deal with permission issues. Need to have administrator password for the utilities program to run correctly.
2012.0.0 August 6, 2012 Dealing with Windows 7 installation issues. No longer need to set permissions before running the software for the first time.
2011.2.2 July 4, 2012 Updates dealing with check version of forms feature and registration of the software.
2011.1.2 September 12, 2011 Changes relating to Excel interface.
2011.1.1 April 19, 2011 Minor bug fixes.
2010.1.4 March 16, 2010 Better error checking to get around issues that arose with non expected data was coming for certain field data.
2009.1.3 October 29, 2009 Added representative email address. For Outlook 2007 retreives clients email address.
2009.1.2 September 11, 2009 Updates to fund company addresses.  Updates including changes to Excel, Goldmine and Outlook database connections.
2009.1.1 April 24, 2009 Updates to Virtgate interface.  Minor bug fixes.
2008.2.1 November 26, 2008 Minor updates including changes to Excel and Maximizer data importation and exporting.
2008.1.3 October 22, 2008 New database added, VirtGate.
More complete date of birth data being exported to match format of different forms. Maximizer interface has full names and addresses exported. Excel allows to flip spouse and primary contact information.  Fund company information updated..
2008.1.2 August 21, 2008 Fix dealing with Acrobat 9.0.  A required file will be created in the correct folder for Acrobat 8.0 and 9.0 or Adobe Reader 8.0 and 9.0.  Fix dealing with bad data in export, which caused data not to be able to be imported onto forms.
2008.1.1 April 15, 2008 Fixes dealing with exporting data. When flipping spousal and primary data some data was missing.
Changes to Outlook and Goldmine databases regarding spousal information.
Fund codes were updated.
2007.4.1 October 26, 2007 New database connection added. Now compatible with the Financial Profiler addition to Goldmine.
2007.3.2 July 27, 2007 Fixed 380 error when using the function to update forms. Menu item File -> Check Version of Forms.
A file will be created so a form's import data button will work without giving a security message in Adobe Acrobat 8.1 or Adobe Reader 8.1.
2007.3.1 June 15, 2007 Works with new format of exported data file.
2007.2.3 April 11, 2007 Client Id comes across for a couple database connections.
2007.2.2 March 27, 2007 Fixed a bug when dealing with toll-free numbers.
2007.2.1 March 16, 2007 Some date formats were not being saved, and needed to be reset each time starting the program. This has been addressed.
2007.1.3 February 16, 2007 For some database connections, including an Excel file, the old rep name would come across. If you changed the rep name in the User Info tab, the previous name would come across. This has been addressed so if the rep name is changed the new name will appear on the forms the next time data is exported.
2007.1.2 February 9, 2007 Ticoon link added for all versions of e/Forms.
2007.1.1 January 18, 2007 Fix for Windows 2000 users. Relates to changes made to the forms so that users of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader version 7.0 or 8.0 can save the forms filled out.
2006.2.5 November 10, 2006 The user defined fields will be used for all users linking to an Excel file.
2006.2.4 August 29, 2006 Excel link had a bug when the starting location of the heading line wasn't the top left most item, cell A1.  Then no names would appear if the fullname field was being used.  This has been fixed.
2006.2.3 August 1, 2006 Work Offline feature updated. No longer need to restart the program to see the updated list of forms. Works both for Browser (globe icon) and Download Forms windows. After those windows are closed the list is rebuilt if necessary.  Also updates as soon as a folder or form is deleted by right clicking on the company or form name. 
2006.2.2 July 21, 2006 Excel interface has been changed.  Names can be in treated in two different matters.  Now one column will have the full name and the program will parse it into first and last names.  Also have the option of using a column for first and last name. 
2006.2.1 June 6, 2006 Changes made to the Maximizer interface.  In the newer releases, 8.0 and 9.0 there was some difficulty with obtaining phone numbers.  Now in the properties tab you can select which phone number to use.  Also added another user defined field for Email.
2006.1.4 May 8, 2006 Work offline feature improved.  Previously if there was a bad filename, only a partial list would be listed.  Now lists all the forms that have valid filenames and ignores those that do not.
2006.1.3 February 8, 2006 Another minor change dealing with RPM Open.  When a last name occurs with a St in the last name, it wasn't picked up in the last name.  Previously a name such as St. Claire, would have had the last name appear to be Claire.  That has been addressed so that the last name is St. Claire.
2006.1.2 January 26, 2006 Minor change relating to the RPM Open functionality.  Now the dealer and rep information is retrieved from the Clipboard window generated by RPM Open rather than from the User Info tab.
2006.1.1 January 19, 2006 Adding 3 fields for WinFund FrontOffice connection.  Those fields are email, occupation and employer.  A few forms have been updated to accept this new information.
2005.3.6 November 7, 2005 Dates get imported as to the format of the forms.  Previously used the local settings on the form, which may have been incorrect for the forms.  Forms are being updated to accept the new data coming across, so if the form wants a date mm/dd/yyyy format then it will be imported as such, similarly if the date is dd/mm/yy then the correct date will be populated.
2005.3.5 October 18, 2005 Excel link can link to data anywhere on the first worksheet.  First column and row are not required to be the start of the heading to describe data.  Can tell e/Forms where the heading for the data starts if it is not in cell A1.
2005.3.4 October 11, 2005 Minor changes to Excel link.
2005.3.3 September 29, 2005 Added a new database link. Can connect to an Excel file. A mapping fields/columns from Excel into e/Forms compatible fields needs to be done to get the appropriate data.
2005.3.2 September 22, 2005 Minor updates dealing with dates
2005.3.1 September 20, 2005 Customized versions of e/Forms updated to work with Acrobat 7.0
2005.3.1 September 13, 2005 e/Forms software now compatible with Acrobat 7 and all previous versions. Acrobat 7 works using the Work Offline or Online features of e/Forms. (Currently only updated in Generic ScanTech version and FreeForms. Other versions will be updated soon)
2005.2.4 September 8, 2005 Changed the Outlook UDF fields. Now the Spouse and DOB fields can be selected. Previously used the default entries in Outlook for these fields.
2005.2.3 August 30, 2005 The dated feature is more comprehensive.  Can handle the format of the date on the forms, generally relating to the date fields where signatures are requested.  Most forms have been revised to accept the updated data from the new release.
May 31, 2005 A new program has been released to work in conjunction with e/Forms. The program is called e/Forms 7 Assistant, which deals with issues that arise with e/Forms and the last release of Adobe Acrobat 7.0. This add-on program will allow users to Work Offline which is not currently supported in the latest release of e/Forms. For information about the e/Forms 7 Assisant click here.
2005.1.4 March 23, 2005 Major change relating to Goldmine and Investment Gold interface.  Now you can sort the names by either First Last name or Last, First name.  A toggle has been added in the Search tab to switch between those two settings if you are connecting e/Forms to either Goldmine or Investment Gold.
2005.1.3 February 28, 2005 Fund codes included with the program updated. Over 5000 fund codes available.
2005.1.2 February 1, 2005 Fixed a bug relating to Goldmine. Program assumed Goldmine stored the date in mm/dd/yyy format which caused the wrong information to come across for day, month and year fields. Turns out Goldmine stores dates in the YYYYmmDD format for the date. If the user doesn't change the date format property in the Properties tab then the default setting will parse dates correctly into month, day, and year fields.
2005.1.1 December 12, 2004 Change added to software to flip between primary and spousal information when connected to Outlook as the database.
Changed the RPMOpen functionality. The format of the data changed causing the Clipboard window not to be found anymore. Program now more robust and can handle different labels with different capitalization and space. For example TITLE: tag, turned to Title : tag. But both now work.
2004.5.1 October 25, 2004 Added functionality to incorporate the Bill Good / Gorilla database link with e/Forms.
2004.4.3 October 18, 2004 Change in the way ACT! parses the date.
2004.4.2 September 11, 2004 Added a button to reset database connection. Resets all related database information.
2004.4.1 August 25, 2004 Improved check version of forms feature.
2004.3.4 July 23, 2004 Dealer account number fixed to be exported to be imported onto forms if applicable.
2004.3.3 July 8, 2004 Resolved issues regarding RPMOpen functionality dealing with getting the full name and spousal address.
2004.3.2 June 17, 2004 Added functionality to RPMOpen functionality. Some clipboards have an RP1 tag. In the Properties tab user can select who that tag refers to. It will override the SP (spouse) and BEN (beneficiary) tags if those options are selected. There are 3 settings (spouse, beneficiary and ignore which is the default).
2004.3.1 May 11, 2004 PowerREP data export fixed errors relating to SIN and birthdate fields.
2004.2.1 April 20, 2004 Complete overhaul of Maximizer interface. Replaced old confusing system with a double click selection instead of typing in the connection to database.
2004.1.1 January 24, 2004 Complete overhaul of ACT! database connection, particularly dealing with different date formats.
2003.2.1 September 9, 2003 Includes initial RPMOpen functionality.
All data in the User Info tab now stored with the rep name. Previously only save the dealer and rep code information not the phone and fax numbers.
Fixed bug dealing with fund codes that had an apostrophe, they didn't show in the fund codes window.
2003.1.1 May 26, 2003 Fixed bug for Maximizer for people listed with an asterisk (*) beside the name and apostrophe in the name. Now the data comes across.
2002.3.1 August 24, 2002 Made the dealer and rep codes editable.  Previously those fields could only be changed by registering again, since they were grayed out in the User Info tab.
2002.2.2 March 17, 2002 WinFund Front Office database option added.
2002.1.2 January 16, 2002 Goldmine Active database option added.
2002.1.1 November 28, 2001 Investment Gold database option added.
2001.1.1 May 1, 2001 Launch of e/Forms Online. No longer get program on CDs, everything is being done online.