Form appears blank

There are a couple reasons why may happen.  If there are multiple versions of Adobe Acrobat installed, your form may appear blank.  In this is the case you need to uninstall all versions of Adobe Acrobat from your computer.  Next, install the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat program that you have.  e/Forms needs at least Acrobat 4.0 to work properly.

If you have Acrobat version 3.0, you will need to upgrade your version of the Adobe Acrobat.  e/Forms needs at least version 4.0 or greater.  Go to the Adobe website to get the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat reader.

Another reason could be that the CD based version of the program is installed.  In this case, the location of the forms will not be set properly.  To tell if you are using the CD based version, look for the Forms tab in the Client Information Window.  Two things can be done to point the program to the correct location.  In the Forms tab, change the drive letter to be that of the CD-ROM drive.  Make sure the CD is in the drive.  Alternatively the forms can be copied to your hard drive so that the CD is no longer required to view the forms.  In Forms, press the 'Copy Forms to HardDrive'.  This will require around 300MB of free space on the drive you are copying the forms to.