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Getting error Invalid Procedure call - 5 when exporting data from the Action! clipboard window. Try to run Internet Explorer in compatibility mode.  Press F12 and select the option to run in version 10 Compatibility mode.

The link describes the process of how to revert Internet Explorer 10 back to version 9.  

Click on Import Data button and no data comes across.  
The forms were updated so the security warning does not appear when the Import Data button was pressed.
(Only applies to versions 8.1 and greater of Adobe Reader and Acrobat Professional and Standard.)
Installing e/Forms on Microsoft Windows 7.
A few permissions may need to be changed.  The link gives details on where permissions need to be changed.
Installing e/Forms on Microsoft Windows Vista.
A few permissions may need to be changed.  The link gives details on where permissions need to be changed.
PDF files will not open using Avast anti-virus software.  A message appears blocking accessing the file.
A few exceptions need to be added so those files will no longer be flagged.


Getting message, 3358Cannot open the Microsoft Jet engine workgroup information file.
There is a problem with the shortcut to the e/Forms software.  A new shortcut needs to be copied to the desktop.
Cannot enter information onto a form.  A PDF/A message appears on the top of the form.
A setting needs to be changed in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat.
Can e/Forms be installed on a network?
No.  Each computer that would like to access the program needs to have a copy of the e/Forms software installed on that individual machine
The default database has not been set.
This is the first message that appears after registering the software.  Please refer to setup manual for setting up the connection.  For PowerREP, Maximizer and WinFund FrontOffice more information is available on this page.
Problems using Internet Explorer 7.0 and e/Forms
There are two options available either upgrade to Acrobat 7.0 or change a setting in Acrobat.
Getting error runtime error' 339':  Component 'picclp32.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid
The file in question needs to be registered in the registry.  
Getting Runtime Error '429' : ActiveX Component Can't Create Object
Follow this link from Microsoft and download the Microsoft Scripting Runtime for Windows XP.

Installation specific

Setup fails and displays: Cannot start main setup program! (CreateProcess() returned error code 0x000000C1H)
Having problems uninstalling the software.  Getting a message, Windows Installer cannot find *.msi file.
Installing on Windows 95/98/ME Missing Installation package required to run the .msi Setup file
Cannot load DLL "????L?" A Required .dll file is missing, follow instructions to download and register the file msrdo20.dll.
Problems when loading e/Forms.  Possibly missing some neccessary files.  Only applicable for versions of Windows ME/98/95. First get the msrdo20.dll, follow the instructions of the link above.  If the problem persists, a couple components may be missing from your system, MDAC and Jet.
Installing on Windows ME Need to be in Safe mode to install.
Installing on Windows 2000 Need Service Pack 2 for Windows 2000 installed.

Database specific

Getting error Invalid Procedure call - 5 when exporting data from the Action! clipboard window. Internet Explorer 10 has been installed.  It needs to be reverted back to version 9.  Click on the button to go to a webpage that describes how to uninstall IE 10.
Connecting to Excel and getting error,
Library not found.
Download and run this file to fix office integration.
Connecting to an Excel file Describes how to setup an Excel database connection in the e/Forms software.
Missing Visual Foxpro ODBC driver. Download and run this file to install the ODBC driver.
Linking up to a Univeris exported text delimited (CSV) file. There is no direct connection to the output file through the Univeris system.  However it is possible to convert the created file, into a Microsoft Excel file (.xls, file extension).  e/Forms can then link up to that data.  Click on the Go button to get details that describe the conversion process.  (This requires that the computer has Microsoft Excel installed.)
Using Act! with e/Forms Currently e/Forms is not compatible with the release of ACT! 2005 or greater. Click the link for a descprition of the situation. To use ACT! with eForms use your previous version of ACT!. Versions 4 - 6 work fine with the e/Forms program.
Using ACT! and no data comes across when pressing Import Data button on a form. Select the appropriate field for the business phone number.
Go to ACT menu item select Set User Defined fields and fill in the appropriate field for business phone, make sure it is not blank.
Setting up Maximizer  
Getting ODBC error when typing SETUP for Maximizer 97.
e/Forms does not support Maximizer 97.  Since no ODBC support is installed with that version, a Maximizer upgrade is required.
Phone numbers not coming across in Maximizer.  
Importing from PowerREP   Different procedure than other databases.  Clients names do not appear in the Search tab of the Client Information window.
PowerREP clipboard button not enabled
Contact PowerREP to enable button, see import for functionality support with PowerREP.
WinFund FrontOffice connection not set
Create WinFund FrontOffice database file, wf_front.mdb
Problems with exporting data from WinFund Back Office.  Includes getting zero clients, and the 'get rows failed' message.
Connecting to data through the Rep Visor system.

Exporting data

Message appears default.fdf not found?
No data has been exported yet.  In the Search tab of the Client Information windows, select a client and press the Export Data button.  A confirmation will appear in the bottom left stating "Last profile exported" and then the client's name.
When clicking Export Data, I get a box that says Export dealer profile.
No client has been selected in the search list box.  Only representative information will be imported onto the form.  Representative  info comes from the User Info tab in the client information window.
When clicking Export Data a window appears Export Fund Company Information.
This window appears since the Company Info check box in the Search tab of the client information window is ticked.  This option is used for transfer forms, where there needs to be a relinquishing and receiving institution.


Press the Import Data button on a form and get a message stating to Select the File containing form data.  This is only applicable to users of Windows 2000.
The e/Forms software needs to be updated.  Uninstall the current revision and update to revision 2007.1.1.  Contact ScanTech Imaging for more detailed description.
Opening a form and a window appears blank or with a red X in it.
Follow the instructions to change the setting, Display PDF in Browser.
Opening a form and a window appears blank or with a red X in it, using Acrobat 7.0.
Follow the instructions from the Adobe website, regarding issues to resolve this.
Getting run time error 372 or forms appear blank using Acrobat 7.0 and eForms.
You need to use a previous version of Adobe Acrobat 6.0 or earlier to make sure e/Forms work.  The link to the left gives a download link for a previous version of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, version 6.02.  
Or Upgrade to e/Forms revision 2005.3.1 or greater.
Using Acrobat 6.0 and eForms versions previous to 2003.3.1  Forms do not appear.
A file needs to be updated on your computer to deal with this situation.  Click the link to download the file, pdf.ocx and follow the instructions.
Cannot type data onto a form.
Press the hand tool inside the Adobe window of the form.  Now you can select any part of the form where information can be entered, by clicking on the area.
File is saved without data included on it. Cannot save with the free version of Acrobat Reader previous to version 7.0  Can save filled out forms with free Reader 7.0 and greater.
Form appears blank
Message appears "Could not find Acrobat External Window Handler."   Adobe Acrobat is not installed.  Go to the Adobe Website to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Data inside the Client Information window disappears when clicking on the form.
The color settings need to be set to a higher value than 256 colors.  Right click on the desktop, select properties,  settings and under color palette select any value greater than 256 colors.


Printing on 8 1/2" x 14" paper
Before printing make sure the corresponding checkbox is ticked
In Acrobat 4.0, Select Fit to page.
In Acrobat 5.0, Select Expand small pages to paper size.
Page looks blurry or faint when printed   Before printing select the option for Print as Image.
Trouble shooting Acrobat reader printing problems, from the Abode website. Adobe's trouble shooting guide to printing within the Acrobat Reader.
Adobe Acrobat Reader tech support

Updated: April 15, 2014

For other concerns contact ScanTech Imaging Corp. toll free at 1-866-709-9666.  
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