Using e/Forms and Acrobat 7.0.  Also relates to run time error 372.

If you are using Acrobat 7.0 you may experience some difficulties with the e/Forms program.  Most likely the e/Forms program will not work correctly.  A run time error 372 may appear or the forms appear blank.

ScanTech Imaging is aware of the new release of Adobe Acrobat 7.0.  We are in the process of creating a fix so that the e/Forms program is compatible with the latest release of Acrobat.

In the meantime in order to have e/Forms work without problems we suggest that you get a different version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader.  This link is for the setup file for Acrobat Reader 6.02 in English. 

Save the setup file to your computer.  Generally we suggest the desktop, so that the file is easy to find.  But before you run the setup program you must uninstall the previous version of Adobe Acrobat.  You can do this through the Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs.  Find the entry for Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 and remove it.  The Control Panel can be accessed through the Start Menu or Start Menu -> Settings depending on your operating system.