Importing from PowerRep

1. Open up the PowerRep Search Screen. Highlight the client whose data you want to import from the client list in the top left hand corner of the Search Screen.  Click on the Client button located on the right-hand side of the Search Screen.

2. This will go on to the Client Screen in PowerRep.  Click on the button on the right hand side that says Clipboard.  This will “paste” your client data.  A prompt will appear saying; “Your data is copied to the clipboard.  Press Ctrl+V to paste this info”.  Hit the OK button.

3. Return to e/Forms.  In the Client Information section of the screen, make sure you have selected the Search tab.  Enter check marks in the boxes for Spousal Info and the Date if you want them to autopopulate on the form.  Click on the Export Data button.

4. Open the form that you wish to complete, and click on the Import Data button on the top of the screen.  For details on opening a form go to the section of this manual entitled Selecting Form(s).

5. If it is not the correct client info, click on the Reset Form button to remove the data and do the import process over.