Having problems uninstalling getting message cannot find *.msi file.

Depending on what version of the software you are using you will get different message, regarding the file name.  Only use this way of uninstalling if you get messages trying to remove through the Control Panel -> Add/Remove programs.

First install the Windows Installer Clean Up utility.  Download it from here.

Run the software.  You should have an item in the Start menu -> Programs or Start -> Program Files, called Windows Installer Clean Up utility.

If you cannot install the above program download this Fix It utility.

Find the entry for ScanTech eForms Online or ScanTech FreeForms Online.  There will be a revision number in parenthesis afterwards.  If you are using a customized version look for that name in the list of programs.

DO NOT remove other programs this way.  It could cause problems.

After that has been done, remove the installation folder.

1. Go to My Computer / Computer (it maybe on the desktop or in the Start menu)
2. Navigate to the installation folder, (Normally the location is C:\Program Files\Scantech eForms Online, or C:\Program Files\ScanTech FreeForms Online.  For customized versions go to the particular folder.)
3. Highlight the folder name and press the delete button or alternatively right click and select Delete.
4. Now you can re-install the latest release of the software.

Updated: December 12, 2014