Installing on Windows 2000

   When running the setup program, you may be prompted to restart the computer after the setup program says Copying files.  Upon rebooting and running the setup again, the same thing may occur.

   The reason why is because your version of Windows 2000 doesn't have Service Pack 2 installed.

   Here's how to install the Service Pack 2. The update can be obtained through Microsoft Internet Explorer. 

1. Start Internet Explorer and go to Tools->Windows Update in the menu.  This will connect to a website for updating Microsoft programs.
2. Select product updates.
3. Find the listing for Service Pack 2.  This is the fix that needs to be downloaded.  Download the Windows Service Pack 2 update and follow the directions given.
4. If Service Pack 1 has not yet been installed, it will need to be installed first before Service Pack 2 can be installed.
5. After installing Service Pack 2, run the setup program.  Now the setup program will successfully install e/Forms.