Updating pdf.ocx to use e/Forms and Acrobat 6.0.

For versions of the e/Forms software previous to 2003.3.1 an older file is included to deal with viewing forms.  To use the e/Forms program and Acrobat 6.0 you need an updated version of this file.

Save the file pdf.ocx to your computer.  It will need to replace the existing file which is for version 5.0 of Adobe Acrobat.  Save the file to the one of following folders, depending on which operating system you are using the path may be a little different.  The path to save the file to is c:\Windows\System32 or it may be c:\Winnt\System32.

You will also need to change the Internet options in Adobe Acrobat.  In Acrobat go to in the menu to Edit -> Preferences -> Internet.  Make sure to check the tick box that states, Display PDF in Browser.