Windows ME installation

When running the setup file the setup routines ask to reboot after it finishes copying files.  After restarting and running the setup again, the same message appears.  The setup routine loops around in circles.

The computer needs to be in "Safe Mode" in two successive reboots to install the software correctly.

To restart the computer in "Safe Mode," press the F8 key while the computer is booting.  The best way is to tap the F8 key while the computer is starting.  A list will appear of different modes of starting windows.  Select the option that is labeled Safe Mode.  This should be the 3rd item in the list.  Upon booting, after selecting "Safe Mode," Windows will give some messages.  These can be ignored.  Upon seeing the desktop, which will look different, there will be the words SAFE MODE in the four corners of the screen.

Once running in "Safe Mode" run the setup program.  It will ask for a reboot.  Make sure to restart in SAFE MODE again.  Repeat the process by pressing F8 while the computer is booting.  Now, if the computer has been successfully started in SAFE MODE twice in a row after running the setup program, you will get past the screen saying Copying files and prompting for a reboot.